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International Archives Day

They celebrated the 9 June! Feedback on the 2011 International Archives Day

Once again, colleagues all around the world celebrated the International Archives Day showing their strong commitment to the archives and the profession.

ICA cannot of course know about all the events and activities that were proposed on the 9 June, however, this is a flavor of what was proposed in different countries by the members. Besides classical but successful activities, creative initiatives using social networks have enabled colleagues throughout the world to get and keep in touch, and to reach a wider public. Here are some reactions from colleagues:

Hajah Fatimah Haji Aji from Brunei Darussalam wrote:

“To all ICA members and archivists around the world, we wish you all happiness in celebrating the International Archives Day. For your information the National Archives of Brunei Darussalam also celebrate the International Archives Day. Some events will be organized, such as awarding the winners (public contributors) of the Memory of the Nation Project , the exhibition on the role of the National Archives of Brunei Darussalam and its collection, the exhibition of Memory of the Nation's materials (will be held on the 13 June, 2011). Other activities will be arranged in conjunction with the celebration namely: launching of the National Archives Portal (September, 2011) and exhibition on old Hari Raya Cards (Sept., 2011).”

Norma Fenoglio, from Argentina
“Dear colleagues, friends, archivists, Happy Archives day!-We remember that the International Council of Archives, our organization- was created on the 9 June 1948.”

Among other initiatives:


  • In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the main daily newspaper, “Le Potentiel” published on the 9 June a series of articles about the medical archives. This information was shared by our colleague Bob Bobutaka Bateko.
  • The municipal Archives of San Bernardo in Chile welcomed the public with the motto “opening the doors to our history”.
  • Under the umbrella of the Sub-directorate of State Archives, which supported on that occasion the dissemination of the Universal declaration on Archives, a flourishing programme has been proposed by the Archives institutions in Spain