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A new website for ALA !

Date Added:13 December 2011

The great technological changes that have occurred in the last 25 years - between the launch of ALA’s magazine first number, in September 1986, and today-, made imperative the reevaluation of not only ALA’s Communication and Dissemination Program but also the communication between Latin American archival institutions.

 With the spread of Internet, the expansion of virtual means of communication, the increasing speed of information flux on the web and the creation of new technological tools and their constant updating, the restructuration of ALA’s Communication and Dissemination Program turned urgent and unavoidable, making the restructuring of its website and the creation of an electronic magazine of science diffusion and a newsletter of relevant necessity indeed.
As a first step, ALA’s website is being restructured. Differently from the previous one, it is now based on a free software that will allow a more active participation to each member. Besides, the new site presents a brand-new section called “Working Groups”, in which the groups (Working Groups and Technical Commissions) will be able to exchange ideas more frequently, providing more dynamism to their discussions.

To check ALA’s new website visit: