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The European Parliament: Call for proposals

Date Added:8 October 2009

The European Parliament Archive and Documentation Centre (CARDOC) has just issued the customary call for proposals on the archiving of papers of former MEPs relating to their mandate and deposited as a gift or legacy with an institution or foundation.

The European Parliament considers that is in keeping with Parliament's communication and transparency objectives to have the most important archive resources processed and made available to the public and researchers, subject to the existing confidentiality rules. In this context, grants will be awarded to projects selected by the European Parliament through a competitive procedure which aims to identify the most important archive resources from a historical point of view.

Financing shall be provided on a flat-rate basis for the purpose of covering 60% of the eligible costs estimated for the various categories of archival processing on the basis of unit-cost scales. The call for proposals is published together with the basic regulation, the grant application form and specimen contracts, under reference EP/DGPRES/E/SUBV/2009/044, on Parliament's website.