Annual Conference 2017

Mexico, 27-28-29 November 2017

The ALA-ICA annual Conference 2017 takes place in Mexico City, Mexico, under the title “Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism”.

Governance meetings : 25-26 November 2017

Annual Conference : 27-29 November 2017


The themes agreed between ICA Programme Commission and the National Archives of Mexico will include :

  • Interculturalism and Ancestral Cultures
  • Human Rights
  • Illicit Trafficking of Documentary Heritage
  • Archives and Art
  • Archives, Accountability, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection
  • Archives, Environment and Natural Disasters
  • Regional Cooperation and Archival Records Projects
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property
  • Information Systems, Interoperability and Digital Preservation
  • Big Data Data Mining
  • Information Governance

The ICA Programme Commission is working with the Latinamerican Archives Association (ALA) to refine the themes and identify suitable speakers from both ALA and around the world.

Annual Conference 2017 ALA ICA Mexico Postcard

ALA-ICA annual Conference, November 2017, Archives, Citizenship and Interculturalism", postcard del Archivo General de la Nación, Mexico