Archive Buildings Survey

1. Address


3. Is the building close to water?
4. Is the building close to any military installations?
5. Is the building close to any other sources of risk?

The building

6. How many buildings contain archival collections?
7. What is the age of each building?
8. How is the building constructed?
9. What materials are used in the main construction?
10. What type of roofs are on the buildings?
11. What materials are used for the roofs?
12.What materials are the doors and windows constructed from?
13. What are the key risks to the collections from the buildings?
14. How many storeys/levels are there in each building?


15. Is the site monitored by security staff?
16. Is the site monitored by Close Circuit Television?
17. Do users have to provide identification to enter the building?
18. Are Search/Reading room rules available for users?
19. Is access to the repositories restricted/controlled?
20. How is the repository secured?

Fire protection and detection

21. Does the repository have fire protection?
22. If Yes, what systems are in place?

Repositories/storage areas

23. Number of repository storage areas?
24. Are the repositories/Storage areas planned and designed for archives?
25. Does the management of the repositories/storage areas meet national/international standards?
26. Is commercial storage used for low usage collections?
27. Does your repository offer commercial storage?

Environmental control

28. Do repositories/storage areas have controlled environmental conditions?
29. If Yes to Question 28, how many repositories/storage areas can be controlled?
30. What form of air-conditioning systems are in place for the repositories/storage areas?
31. What form of dehumidifying/humidifying systems are in place for repositories/storage areas?
32. Do repository/storage areas have any cooling or heating systems?
33. Please specify any other systems or methods for managing temperature in the repository/storage areas

Environmental monitoring

34. Are the repository/storage areas monitored for Temperature and Humidity?
35. If Yes to Question 34, what equipment is used?
36. How many repositories/storage areas are monitored?

Light control

37. Do repositories/storage areas have controlled lighting conditions?
38. What methods are used to control natural light?
39. What methods are used to control artificial light?

Storage equipment

40. What are racks/shelving constructed from?
41. What are cupboards/cabinets constructed from?
42. What are drawer units/plan chests constructed from?
43. Please specify other types of storage furniture in use

Training Needs

44. If ICA were able to offer training in preservation management or other archives and recordkeeping subjects, would you be interested for your staff?
45. Are you able to fund your staff to attend training in a neighbouring country?
46. If ICA were to develop online learning packages, is there capacity, in terms of computer equipment and internet connectivity for individual staff to benefit from such learning opportunities?
47. Please name the 3 priority areas for training in your national archival and recordkeeping environment
48. Contact details