Expert Group on Legal Matters - EGLM

The Expert Group on Legal Matters (EGLM) was established by the ICA Programme Commission in September 2016.


  • The EGLM provides a forum for high-level discussion and expert advice on the management of archives and records where it has a bearing on and/or is affected by legal and regulatory issues and the development and implementation of international standards.
  • Its work includes managing projects, the creation of tools and resources to support the work of PCOM, ICA members and the wider archives and records management network.
  • Provide advice or help identify appropriate advisors to the elected officers and the Secretary General.
  • EGLM liaises also on behalf of the ICA with external partners and groups working on similar issues and projects


EGLM will undertake projects to support on matters related to :

  • Freedom of Information / Access to Information
  • Data Protection / Privacy laws
  • Intellectual property
  • Legislation which has a particularly big impact on archives and records
  • Laws which authorise and regulate national archive institutions
  • Protection of cultural property against theft and illegal export and forgery of records and archives both within sovereign states and across borders
  • The declassification of records where the access was restricted for security reasons
  • The review and development of archives and records management standards, in particular the international standards overseen by Technical Committee 46 of the International Standards Organisation (ISO TC 46)