ICA maintains its support for archives in the developing world

FIDA’s mandate to support archives and archivists in the developing world was renewed at the Brisbane Congress. Its role is to help archives and archivists to help themselves by providing support to develop archivists in specific skills which can be then be disseminated to others, rather than developing products of more general archival use or for longer-term professional programmes.

 Since 2010 FIDA has attracted 100 applications, of which it has been able to support 24 projects directly, requested from Africa, South America, West Indies, SE Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Pacific region, besides advising others to seek funding from more appropriate sources. The successful projects ranged from training in various basic archival skills, such as records management, appraisal and preservation, including audio-visual records to more ambitious projects, such as setting up and organizing a new archive where we have contributed a consulting award to obtain advice on the planning.

The Trustees' experience from their work over the last six years shows both the need for this type of assistance and the value of the support to the recipients, which are eloquently demonstrated at the FIDA presentations that take place each year during the Annual Conference or the International Congress. But this work cannot continue without the financial help of archival colleagues from around the world. We are very grateful to them all and would encourage other colleagues to support FIDA's vital work by making a financial contribution, however modest.

Sarah Tyacke

Chair of the FIDA Board