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ICA currently has a presence in 199 countries and territories as a result of its global network. 
But it’s because of its 1400 members and to support their projects that the organization exists. You can help our community grow and spread the news about our products by circulating the information leaflets below. 

For further details on joining ICA, click here .  

Please let us know about any event which you think would be suitable for promoting ICA by sending an e-mail to


ICA has a visual identity which represents its values and its activities through the graphics it uses.

We will supply, on demand, the graphics components that you need to create your own communication materials (logos in different formats, templates, colour specification …) as well as guidelines for page layout.

You will find in this section all the information necessary to produce your communication documents, but if you have any questions at all, please send an e-mail with your specific query to


ICA logo for download 

About ICA visual identity

  • ICA Leaflet 2013_English and French

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  • ICA Leaflet 2013_English and Spanish

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  • ICA Leaflet 2013_French and Spanish

    Download | 1.49 MB | Type : PDF | Language : Spanish