2009 International Archives Day in Congo (R. D. of)

Under the gracious patronage of the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the National Archives of Congo celebrated, for the first time, International Archives Day on Tuesday 9 June 2009, in the presence of the minister responsible, His Excellence Mr Esdras Kambale, and other invited guests.

From now on, this day will no longer pass without being marked; the media has increased public awareness of it. The programme of events included: a message to the nation from the Minister of Culture and Arts, and Mr Antoine Lumenganeso Kiobe, Keeper and Director General of the National Archives of Congo, and President of CENARBICA, about the importance of archives to a nation in the course of reconstruction, and an exhibition of bank notes along with geo-historical maps, flags and emblems of our beautiful and beloved country.

Antoine Lumenganeso Kiobe - CENARBICA President

Photo of the celebration