2010 - Twinning archives project by SPP


Section des Archives des Parlements et des Partis politiques - SPP

Date Added:

8 August 2010

Responsible bodies

ICA Section for Archives Parliaments and Political parties (SPP)


This project is an attempt to create a structure to foster and maintain special bilateral relationships between archives of an ‘SPP-nature'. Such a structure might better enable the SPP to attract active membership from developing countries and ‘young' democracies which can -as an introductory road- ‘twin' themselves with a member already active in the SPP and the modern archival field.

The concept includes an option to enlarge the section by establishing an infrastructure, making it possible to approach less developed countries and new democracies with an invitation to become member of the ICA and of SPP as partner of another SPP-member.


Model for twinning archives;

3 concrete experiences of twinning.

Completion date