2018 ICA/SUV Conference‐XXIV Jornadas CAU: "What value do historical records in University Archives add to Universities?"

Universidad de Salamanca, Escuelas Mayores, Salamanca and Patio de las Escuelas Menores

It is with great pleasure that the Section for Research and University Archives (SUV) of the International Council on Archives (ICA) in conjunction with the Conferencia de las Archiveros Universitarios Españoles (CAU) invite you to attend their 2018 Annual International Conference.  This Conference caters to archivists and records practitioners working in academic institutions around the world. It focuses particularly on the use of historical documentation that academic institutions retain as an important part of the heritage and institutional memory of the university itself.  Meeting at the University of Salamanca at the time of its 800th anniversary, the 2018 ICA-SUV Conference-XXIV Jornadas CAU will bring together university archivists from very different countries and cultural traditions to reflect on their own work in relation to the historical documentation they manage.

There are seventeen exciting panels including over 50 papers on topics such as:

Deepening Institutional Identity through the University Archives

Developing a university archives through skill, perseverance, and spirit

The administrative and public confidence building even through improbable documents and artifacts

Enhancing Our Value: Indigenizing the University Archives

South African Universities and  community archives

Design for the curation of digital learning objects

The role of oral testimonies in university archives

Personal archives in Universities. A comparative look at different archiving

University Archives in India

Customization of the AtoM  software for digitalcCuration of heterogeneous collections

Importance of the reference archivist in online system design

Place-based instruction in archives

Blurring the lines: a holistic approach to university records and archives

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