25th Anniversary of the International Committee for Blue Shield

The creation of the Blue Shield, 6 June 1996 with the founding signatories of the Blue Shield and the first President of the Association 

Date and Hour: June 7th 2021 / 12.30 – 14.00 British Summertime (GMT+1) 

Language: English 


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Webinar Summary 

The International Committee for Blue Shield is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and was created by four non-governmental organisations: ICA, IFLA, ICOMOS and ICOM, which represent professional organisations in the field of archives, libraries, museums and monuments and sites. In 2016, the four non-government organisations were joined by the Associations of National Committees of the Blue Shield to form: The Blue Shield. The Blue Shield is committed to the protection of the world’s cultural property and is concerned with the protection of cultural and natural heritage, tangible and intangible, in the event of armed conflict, natural- or human-made disasters. Join us on the day to celebrate this unique and important organisation! 


  • Patrick Boylan then Vice-President of ICOM 
  • Dinu Bumbaru then member of the International Executive Committee of ICOMOS 
  • George Mackenzie then ICA Deputy Secretary-General  
  • Marie-Thérèse Varlamoff then Director of IFLA Preservation and Conservation Core Activity, IFLA 


  • Karl Habsburg, Former President of the Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield, and first President of the Blue Shield