9th General Conference of EASTICA

On behalf of the State Archives Administration of China, the 9th General Conference of EASTICA & Seminar on Records in Crisis Management, held in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, from 14-18 September 2009.

Organized by the State Archives Administration of China, Qingdao City Archives, East Asian Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives the theme of the seminar was Records in Crisis Management, with the aim to explore and throw more light on the relationship between records and crisis ; how records or archives can be used to combat crisis situation.

Take the recent devastating earthquakes in Sichuan Province as an example, we believe that records or archives, if properly managed and preserved, can definitely help mitigating crisis by identifying timely proper authorities - local or oversea, procedures, method, etc. for dealing with crisis situation of this magnitude. During this conference there were also an Experience Sharing in Building up Collections.

Photos available here