Apply to serve as a Mentor for the ICA New Professionals Programme!

Are you a mid-career or senior records and archives professionals? Come and apply to serve as Mentor for the ICA New Professionals Programme!   

What will you do?  

For about 4-8 hours a month you’ll liaise with and support an Active NP over the year they are in the NPP. You’ll offer support and advice on professional and career-oriented issues. You may also review draft articles or reports written by the Active NP for publication. 

What Are the Benefits for the Mentor?  

  • Sharing experiences, ideas, and skills    
  • Learning about new professional activities and ideas    
  • Contributing to the development of the profession    
  • Enjoying the satisfaction of passing on valuable professional knowledge and experience. 

Want to apply?  

Full details about the Mentoring Programme and the application form can be found here    

If you have more questions about the Mentoring Programme, feel free to contact the Coordinator for the Mentoring Programme at     

The call for applications will close on July 22nd, 2022.