Appointment ICA’s Executive Director

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Carlos Serrano Vásquez as ICA’s Executive Director. 

He is well qualified within the cultural sector with 15 years of experience in cultural heritage management, both nationally and internationally and has strong skills in designing and developing policy and programmes, most recently as Capacity Building Coordinator for ICOM.  He is enthusiastic, flexible and committed to collaborative work and inclusivity; and he is highly motivated by the strategic challenges and opportunities ahead for the ICA.  On behalf of all of us in the ICA community, I welcome Carlos to the team, and I look forward to seeing him ‘take up the reins’ of our Secretariat.

Carlos' appointment was endorsed by the Executive Board at its meeting of the 24th May, and he will commence as Executive Director on the 1st August.  Once again, I express our gratitude to Normand Charbonneau who has been expertly running the operations of ICA during this interim period and will now assist Carlos’ transition into the role. Normand will be going back to the presidency of the FIDA, role in which our colleague Sharon Alexander Gooding diligently stepped in from 1st March. 

David Fricker