April's Resource of the Month - ICA 2021 Constitution

For this month resource of the month, we wanted to highlight ICA’s updated 2021 Constitution that was published this month on the ICA website.  

The 2021 Constitution is available in English and French.  

We have written a brief summary of this new resource giving you an overview of the changes you might find in this vital reference document of the ICA.  

Resource Summary  

Why we have selected it? 

On 20 October 2021, a new Constitution and Internal Regulations were voted by the Extraordinary General Assembly. These reference documents were published on our website recently and we wanted to present them to our community.  

This is also the occasion for us to highlight again our collection of ICA Reference Documents that compiles all the important governance document of the ICA. You will find the previous Constitution that was voted in 2012 in Brisbane. This collection of resources also contains ICA’s strategic plan, Code of Ethics or the Universal Declaration on Archives.  

What would you find in this resource? 

« Archives constitute the memory of nations and of societies, shape their identity, and are a cornerstone of the information society. By providing evidence of human actions and transactions, archives support administration and underlie the rights of individuals, organisations and states. By guaranteeing citizens' rights of access to official information and to knowledge of their history, archives are fundamental to democracy, accountability and good governance » (Preamble) 

The Constitution is the document the gives an overview of the ICA and its structure, while the Internal Regulations give an insight into the administrative function of the association.  

The points adjusted in the 2022 Constitution are part of a list of constitutional reforms that were circulated in 2021 before the Extraordinary Assembly that took place on the 20th of October, 2021. After a broad discussion among the ICA members, the mains reforms that were voted on this session were: 

  • Voting rights for category D members  
  • The change from annual to biennial conferences  
  • The creation of the Forum of Professional Associations  
  • Updating the constitution and transferring decisions regarding Internal Regulations from the General Assembly to the Executive Board  

To have a look of all the constitutional reforms, you could ckeck the report EGA2021-1 : Constitutional Review Package


Discover the resource by clicking here