We are inviting archival and records management professionals and organizations to join us in a virtual conversation by using these hashtags (#ArchivesAreYou and #IAW2022) to talk about what it means to be an archivist and what archival records truly reflect: stories. Those stories show the tensions but also the bridges that archives create within the profession and with the communities that are represented (or not represented) in those narratives. 

When we talk about #ArchivesAreYou, we are talking about Archivists. Archives represent the professional practices and standards of archivists, but they also affect us as practitioners. This stream is about understanding how archival practices influence what is in or out of the ‘archival record’, how our practices reflect professional biases and how the records impact us with the stories they tell. 

However, #ArchivesAreYou is also Civil Society, the People. Archives contain the stories of individuals past, present and eventually future. They help us understand who we are and what we want to be. Understanding what stories archives reflect, who is in? Who is out? Do certain marginalised communities want to be documented in “institutional archives”? 

How can you join #ArchivesAreYou? 

To open and expand the discussion around #ArchivesAreYou, we would like to collaborate with those ICA bodies and partners with active Twitter accounts so we all together could reach out a broader audience and generate other ways to engage with our advocacy work. To do so, we have planned the following steps:   

  1. We will launch this social media campaign on Monday, April 4th via ICA Twitter account in coordination with all the ICA bodies and partners that would like to join us in this virtual conversation.   
  2. We have prepared a Trello board where you will find our planned posts week by week in the 3 official languages of the ICA: English, French and Spanish. In the Trello board, we have also added the visual materials assigned to each post.   
  3. The ICA will publish each post at 14.00 Central European Time (CET) so we ask that all our partners post at the same time, or any time after this. For your reference, please check this map   

This social media campaign will be culminating in mid-July so if you are planning to join us in this virtual conversation, we invite you to check the ICA Twitter account, use the content prepared in the #ArchivesAreYou Trello board, tell us through your Twitter accounts how and why #ArchivesAreYou and tag the ICA in your posts so we could reshare your thoughts! 

If you would like to find out more, we invite you to check below the presentation that we have prepared for our members to explain the phases of this social media campaign between April and June 2022.  

If you have any questions or suggestions, email us at communications@ica.org

International Archives Day! 

On the 9th, which is International Archives Day, we will be asking our members to post, share and like photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that show the whole world why #ArchivesAreYou. #ArchivesAreYou could be your team in your National Archives or the records that you found in your personal archives. #ArchivesAreYou could be the communities that are creating stories through oral histories or the documents that are now digitized and available to the public.  

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ArchivesAreYou!