Audio-Visual Archiving And Preservation - Africa 2023

Recent surveys of industry experts carried out by Broadcast Media Africa (BMA) for the Preserve Africa Archive (PAA) programme confirm an urgent need for legacy audiovisual content – still primarily stored in analogue formats – to be carefully digitised, diligently catalogued, archived and preserved.

It is in light of this, Broadcast Media Africa, in collaboration with Apricity Consulting, is organising the International Conference on Audio-visual Archiving and Preservation – Africa 2023 to bring the spotlight onto the issues concerning African audiovisual heritage.

To take place on the 7th – 8th of June 2023 in Johannesburg – South Africa, the key industry meeting will provide unparalleled opportunity for archivists practitioners, preservation professionals,  curators, content creators, scholars and enthusiasts from across Africa and the world to explore successes, challenges and opportunities concerning Africa’s audiovisual heritage. 

Participants will be able to network, learn and assess new innovative ideas for achieving cost-effective digitisation and preservation of African audiovisual heritage.

The industry event will enable participants to network, learn about and critically review the technologies, systems and view innovative ideas for achieving cost-effective digitisation and preservation of African audiovisual heritage. Participants will get a clear view of the issues relating to the effectiveness of archives management in the digital ecosystem.

Key Themes And Features:

  • Understanding how archives are  integral to the financial prosperity of audio-visual content publishers and media houses
  • How to position African archives differently and more attractively to be recognised as an important part of our heritage.
  • Putting in place management-led policies and procedures to drive strategic handling of Audio-Visual archives
  • Rethinking infrastructure and resources for AV Archives to survive 
  • Open source vs proprietary systems and the impact on audio-visual archives
  • The mechanics for ensuring adequate risk management of audio-visual archives
  • Are traditional frameworks and standards for the preservation of AV collections still relevant, especially to African AV Archives? 
  • Reviewing technical capabilities, on-premise, cloud or hybrid, and remote access management to provide access to content on multiple platforms

Event Dates: Wednesday 07th – Thursday 08th June 2023

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