Be Part of the ICA Leadership - Call for Nominations Now Open: ICA President 2022-2026

Are you interested in becoming part of the ICA leadership? Nominations are now open for the position of ICA President. 

The President of the ICA is the organization’s leader. Working in close consultation with the two elected Vice-Presidents and the Executive Director, (s)he gives the organization’s strategic direction and oversees the proper governance of the organization acting in the name and on behalf of the Executive Board in accordance with the decisions taken by the General Assembly as the sovereign body of the organization.   

Nomination Procedure 

Candidates will be asked to submit a short CV (two pages maximum) and a statement of intent (maximum 500 words) in English and French. Candidates will need to obtain three letters of support from among the voting members of ICA.   

The closing date for the arrival of the candidate’s complete dossier to the Secretariat will be Friday 24 June 2022 at midnight Central European Time (CET).  

The applications are to be sent to

For more details about the call for nominations, follow this link.   

Wondering why you should join ICA leadership? 

In this video, the current ICA President, David Fricker, explains why he got involved in leadership positions at the ICA: