Become the first ICA Executive Board Category “D” member at large!

Apply now and become the first ICA Executive Board Category “D” member at large! This new member was added in the Constitution and Internal Regulations adopted by the ICA Extraordinary Assembly on 20 October 2021

What are the main responsibilities of the Executive Board? 

As outlined in the 2021 ICA Constitution, the Executive Board has oversight over a number of areas. Among other things, the Executive Board decides on the preferred dates for the ICA Conferences, Congresses, General Assembly and more; they recommend the ICA’s budget for the approval of the General Assembly and oversee its implementation; they help to oversee the implementation of policies and programmes agreed by the General Assembly, as well as general priorities for communication; they recommend the amount of the annual membership fees; they recommend the creation or dissolution of sections and branches; and much more. 

Given this vast array of responsibilities, it was deemed necessary to add a Category D member to the Executive Board, to represent the interests of individual members.  

Are you interested in applying?  

All category D members, in good standing, have the right to stand for election, and to cast a vote for their preferred candidate. 

Candidates will be asked to submit a short CV (two pages maximum) and a statement of intent (maximum 500 words) in English and French. Candidates will need to obtain three letters of support from among the voting members of ICA. The names of the three supporters will be published, but not any letters which they may write.   

The closing date for arrival of the complete candidate’s dossier to the Secretariat is Friday 8 July 2022 at midnight Central European Time (CET).   

The applications are to be sent to Constance V. Vidon, ICA Executive Coordinator, at

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