Born-digital literary archives in latest issue of Archives & Manuscripts journal

The latest issue of Archives & Manuscripts (vol. 47, no. 3, November 2019) is dedicated to born-digital literary archives under the special theme of After the Digital Revolution guest edited by Lise Jaillant.

The contents of the issue are as follows:


‘After the digital revolution: working with emails and born-digital records in literary and publisher’s archives’
by Lise Jaillant.


‘Appraising, processing, and providing access to email in contemporary literary archives’
by J Schneider, C Adams, S DeBauche, R Echols, C McKean, J Moran and D Waugh.

‘Literary archives in the digital age: issues and encounters with Australian writers’
by Kevin Molloy.

‘”Missing Presumed”: computer games and digital adventures in the Colin Smythe/Terry Pratchett Collection’
by Maria Castrillo.

‘Observing the author-editor relationship: recordkeeping and literary scholarship in dialogue’
by Jenny Bunn and Samantha J Rayner.

‘The forensic imagination: interdisciplinary approaches to tracing creativity in writers’ born-digital archives’
by Paul Gooding, Jos Smith and Justine Mann.

‘Negotiating the born-digital: a problem of search’
by Jane Winters and Andrew Prescott.