Call for Applications 2021 - Closed!

Applications to become an Active New Professional as part of the 2021 ICA New Professionals Programme (NPP) are now open.

The ICA created the NPP to support, and engage with, future leaders in the archival profession, who will stimulate international engagement from and with their professional communities. 

New professionals (NPs) from around the world are selected to become Active NPs - members of the NPP for one year - and participate in all its activities, including during the ICA Conference. This year, bursaries will be funded to enable successful candidates to attend the Conference, taking place in Rome, Italy from 19th-23rd September 2022.  

Who is it for? 

The NPP is aimed at ICA members with less than 5 years of working experience, irrespective of age including: 

  • Students of archival science (including individual ICA members and students of archives/records management schools which are ICA members). Please note current students must also have less than five years working experience. 
  • Trainees (including individual ICA members and trainees in organisations which are ICA members). 
  • Qualified archivists with no working experience and who are individual members of ICA. 
  • Individuals who have worked in archives and records management for less than 5 years (including individual ICA members and employees of organisations which are ICA members). 

Criteria to apply: 

 1. The applicant is either:

  • a paid-up Individual Member (student, digital or full) of ICA at the time of application; or

  • working for an institution with ICA membership, or training or studying to become an archivist/records manager and is associated with an institution with ICA membership 
    • Institutional membership must be checked by the applicant. For any questions related to the institutional membership status or to request to become a delegate under the institutional membership of your organization, please contact the ICA at and include in CC your manager. 

Please be aware that being a member of a professional association which is a member of ICA does not meet the criteria. 
Applicants must be members in good standing of the ICA, and provide their membership number. 

  1.  The applicant has less than 5 years of professional experience: he/she/they has started working, part-time or full-time, in a paid position, in the archival profession no earlier than 2016. 
  2. The applicant has not previously received funding from the ICA. 
  3. The applicant has not attended an ICA Conference nor Congress. 
  4. The applicant has enough English and/or French to benefit from the Conference sessions and to work in an international group.  

What are the benefits? 

  • The opportunity to develop professional and personal connections with other archivists from around the world 
  • A mentor who provides each NP with one-on-one professional advice throughout the year 
  • A Conference buddy who will help guide you through your Conference experience 
  • A bursary to participate in the ICA Conference and networking opportunities 
  • The opportunity to develop and participate in a project that will foster and support NPs around the world 
  • The opportunity to meet and connect with leaders in the archival profession

Meeting with Normand Charbonneau (VP Programme) and Anthea Seles (Secretary General), who are part of the ICA leadership in March, 2021. 

  • The support to develop and present on a topic of the cohort’s choice, including online during International Archives Week. 

Read more about the NPP, its history, and what support the ICA provides to the selected candidates.

What is the commitment required? 

The NPP requires a year-long commitment by the successful applicant and they must be able to attend the Conference in Rome. 

What is expected of the New Professionals? 

The Active NPs are expected to: 

  • Assume the various NPP network roles including editing and/or contributing to the: 
  • Provide support to ICA Expert Groups and other ICA Programmes as required  
  • Support and develop advocacy and awareness initiatives for the NP community
  • Participate actively in the Conference: 
    • Run a common session during the Conference with other bursary holders. 
    • Participate in communicating before and during the Conference on all appropriate media (Internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), in line with the ICA communication strategy. 
    • Attend the New Professionals’ events and activities. 
    • Participate in and support the workshops as appropriate. 
    • Write an article for the ICA website, blog, FLASH or other appropriate publication as required.  
  • During their year in the NPP, all members will be in touch with the Coordinator for the NPP, attend regular online meetings, prepare the various aspects of their participation and communicate on social media. 

What does the bursary cover? 

  • The Conference registration fee. The bursary holders must register in time to benefit from the early bird registration fee or pay the difference in the fee. 
  • The cost of travel to Rome and return home: public transport, train, economy flight ticket (lowest fare). Bursary holders are free to choose another option (different dates, different class, different flight plan), provided that they cover the fee difference. 
  • Hotel nights for the time of their required presence in Rome. The hotel will be selected by ICA in order for all bursary holders to stay in the same place. 
  • €100 for subsistence expenses on-site (meals outside of the Conference, transport).

Applicants should be aware that all costs must be paid by the Active NPs and then claimed back. 

All claims are to be written in euros on the requisite ICA form and are to be presented with receipts for all expenses claimed. All refunds by ICA will be in euros. 

All other expenses will be met by the Active NPs themselves.

How to apply? 

Applications are open and will close on 19 September 2021. 

We will only consider applications in French, English, and Spanish sent using the  online application form (available here: Instructions on how to complete this form could be found in the sample application (see below, section "Downloads"). 

The candidates who would like to send their application form in Italian should use the PDF/Word document (see below, section "Downloads") and send it to

The applicants should pay particular attention in their responses to ICA expectations outlined above and describe in detail how they intend to meet them. 

Deadline: 19 September 2021. Late applications, or applications without the statement of support and/or résumé at this date will not be assessed. 

Any questions or additional information can be sent to Nicola Laurent, New Professionals Programme Coordinator at​ 

How will the selection be made? 

The selection will be made by a panel of representatives from the ICA Programme Commission and NPP Alumni. 

  • Out of the new professionals selected, at least one will come from the Branch where the Conference will be held, or from a neighbouring branch, which shares the same language. 
  • Out of the new professionals, at least 3 different continents and more than one linguistic culture are to be represented. 
  • Results of the selection will be published in November 2021. Candidates are advised to be informed about visa requirements and other travel logistics prior to applying for funding to ensure that they are ready to complete the process as soon as possible should they be awarded a bursary.​