Call for comments on ICA RiC-CM 0.2

The ICA Expert Group on Archival Description (ICA EGAD) calls for comments on RiC-CM 0.2 consultation draft that has just been released.

The aim is to gather as many precise and constructive comments as possible, so that the 0.2 draft versions of RiC-IAD, RiC-CM and RiC-O can be consolidated into a 1.0 version and released, as a normative ICA recommendation, in 2022.

So feedback and proposals from all communities interested in RiC are awaited. Thank you very much in advance!

The call for comments is open until January 31, 2022.

To submit comments, you can:

- either use the form that is available in the public repository on GitHub (;

- or use the table downloadable using the link at the bottom of the page (Word file, in English). Please respect the instructions given there. Once the table has been completed, you can send it to

Comments can be made on behalf of institutions, teams, informal groups of people, or a specific individual.

In order for us to make the best use of them, we ask that you formulate them in English.