Call for Nominations - Elected Asia and Oceania Member of the FAN Steering Committee

A call for nominations is now open in order to elect the Asia and Oceania member of the Forum of National Archivists (FAN) Steering Committee. Applicants have until 30 June 2023, 23:59 (CET), to send their applications to the Secretariat ( 

All FAN Steering Committee members work in close collaboration with the FAN President in order to fulfil the mandate of FAN. The Forum of National Archivists, comprising Category A members of the ICA, aims to provide support to all members of the ICA through the development of high-level strategic responses. These responses aspire to address the contemporary challenges of managing archives and be relevant for all members – and not just those eligible for membership of FAN. FAN is an autonomous body, determining its own agenda and priorities, and working within the ICA and with other ICA bodies. 

The FAN Steering Committee is comprised of: 

  1. The President of FAN. 
  2. Four elected members, one from each of four ICA world regions (as specified in article 5.1.i of the ICA Constitution), to ensure effective collaboration between FAN and the ICA's regional branches
    • Africa and the Arab countries 
    • Asia and Oceania 
    • Europe and North America 
    • Latin America and the Caribbean. 
  3. Up to three members appointed by the President to provide expertise on, or leadership of, key aspects of the FAN work programme.  
  4. Ex-officio members: the President of the ICA, the Vice-President Finance, the Vice-President Programme, the President of the Forum of Professional Associations and the Executive Director of the ICA. 

The proper performance of the duties of FAN Steering Committee member requires a significant commitment of personal time and draws on the support of their employer institution. The role is voluntary, and no remuneration is offered, nor can be accepted, for the performance of the functions of the office. 

A working level knowledge of either English or French (the official languages of the ICA) is highly desirable. 

The term of office shall run from the ICA Congress Abu Dhabi 2023 and end at the Conference/Congress held two years later. 

Elections process and eligibility 

Eligibility for the position of Asia and Oceania member of the FAN steering committee is restricted to heads of member institutions in category A (in good standing) of the relevant ICA world region (Asia and Oceania). The member of the FAN Steering Committee is elected for a term of two years and may seek re-election for one consecutive term. 

All category A members of the ICA in good standing of the Asia and Oceania world region have the right to stand for election to the office of elected member of the FAN Steering Committee for the Asia and Oceania world region and to vote for their preferred candidate. Each member has only one vote and the candidate who has the most votes wins the election. 

In the event of a tie, the election will be determined by the drawing of lots. 

Applicants are asked to submit the following documents, in English or French:  

  • a statement of intent (500 words maximum), 
  • a short CV (two pages maximum), 
  • one letter of support from another member of FAN (category A voting member of the ICA in good standing).  


  1. Applicants have until 30 June 2023, 23:59 CET (Deadline extended), to send their complete application to the Secretariat. Applications are to be sent at the following address: The statement of intent, the short biography, the name of the supporter and the content of their letter will be shared at the opening of the electoral period. Voting will take place electronically. 
  2. Digital balloting will start on the week of 3rd of July.  
  3. The closing date for voting is 30 July 2023, 23:59 (CET). 
  4. The result of the election will be posted by 10 August 2023

There is also a distinct call for nominations for the position FAN President. Separate information will be made available in an additional process.