Call for Nominations: ICA President 2022-2026 - Deadline

The President of the ICA is the organization’s leader. Working in close consultation with the two elected Vice-Presidents and the Executive Director, (s)he gives the organization’s strategic direction and oversees the proper governance of the organization acting in the name and on behalf of the Executive Board in accordance with the decisions taken by the General Assembly as the sovereign body of the organization.  

The President has responsibility to manage the operations and activities of a distributed, diverse, inclusive, and volunteer-driven organization, and to represent the ICA in international fora. A working level knowledge of either English or French (the official languages of the ICA) is highly desirable. Linguistic training will be available to the selected candidate if required. 

He or she is supported by the two ICA Vice-Presidents in the pursuit of these objectives. 

The proper performance of the duties of President requires a significant commitment of personal time and draws on the support of the President’s employer institution or association. The role is voluntary, and no remuneration is offered, nor can be accepted, for the performance of the functions of the office. Depending on the individual circumstance of the person elected to the role however, some funding can be made available to offset the cost of attendance at essential governance meetings. 


  1. The closing date for submission of the complete candidate’s dossier to the Secretariat is Friday 24 June 2022 at midnight Central European Time (CET)  
  2. If there is only one eligible candidate that presents himself or herself for the post, the Elections Officer will declare the candidate to have been elected unopposed and will announce this by Wednesday 29  June 2022.  
  3. If there is a contested election involving two or more eligible candidates for the post, the Secretariat will publish an up-to-date list of voting members in the four membership categories on the ICA website by Monday 4 July 2022 as well as the chosen voting process. 
  4. The closing date for voting will be Friday 29 July 2022 at midnight Central European Time (CET).  
  5. The counting of votes will be concluded by Friday 5 August 2022 at the latest.  
  6. The results of the count will be transmitted to the Elections Officer by Wednesday 10 August 2022.  
  7. The Elections Officer will inform the candidates of the results by Friday 12 August 2022
  8. The results will be posted by Friday 19 August 2022
  9. The term of the new President commences after the formal handover conducted during the ICA General Assembly meeting of Wednesday 21 September 2022, Rome.  


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