Call for Papers : SBA Conference "Sustainability", Atlanta, United-States, 4-5 April 2016

This year's conference will look at Sustainability: both as what makes business sustainable in the 2010s and the ways in which business archives can and do input into that sustainability and also the ways in which corporate archive services can be made sustainable.





The themes to be covered in this conference include:


  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  •  Business archives and human rights
  • Self-service in business archives by internal and external users and customers
  • Corporate  archive service innovation
  • Managing global corporate archive collections






Abstracts of proposed papers should be sent to the organizing committee by 31 January 2016.  The organizing committee will select the papers to be included in the conference by 28 February.

Reports on successful projects within these themes would also be welcomed.


Abstracts are to be sent to Lesley Richmond by 31 January 2016


Organizing Committee: Alexander Bieri, Paul Lasewicz, Lesley Richmond, Ted Ryan, Becky Haglund Tousey, and Alison Turton


Further details about the conference, registration and information about hotels will be available in January 2016.