CARBICA's participation in the ACH conference

Caribbean representatives attended the 50th Annual Conference of the Association of Caribbean Historians (ACH), held at the University of the West Indies Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination (EBCCI) from June 10-15.

On Monday 12 June, a panel of historians discussed the topic ‘Hurricane Impacts on Caribbean Educational and Heritage Sites: Urgent Needs and Long-Term Challenges’. Caribbean academics on the panel included Rita Tjien Fooh, President of CARBICA and Director of the National Archives in Suriname, Molly Perry (University of the Virgin Islands), Raymond Laureano Ortiz (Centro Estudios Advandzados, Puerto Rico), Natasha Lightfoot (Columbia University) and chair Jennifer Anderson (Stony Brook University). 

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Image © ACH.
From left to right Raymond Laureano Ortiz, Jennifer Anderson, Natasha Lightfoot, Molly Perry and Rita Tjien Fooh.