In this resource you will find some experiences related to archival intervention in photographic and audiovisual fonds and collections. Choose the one you are interested in.


CASE STUDY 1 - Fond Josep Buil Mayral. By Centre for Image Research and Diffusion (CRDI, in Catalan) - Girona City Council (Catalonia)

CASE STUDY 2 - Fotógrafos alemanes en Américana latina. By Laboratorio de Investigación Social del Instituto Mora (Mexico)

CASE STUDY 3 - . Fond Construction of Union Buildings. By National Archives and Records Service of South Africa (Republic of South Africa)

CASE STUDY 4 - Photographic collection of Fundación Mapfre. By Clara María Prieto, independent conservator-restorator of photographs and graphic arts (Spain)

CASE STUDY 5 - Fond Albert Uriac. By Fundación Vicente Ferrer (Spain)

CASE STUDY 6 - Fond Sabadell Television. By Sabadell Municipal Archive. Image and Sound Section (Catalonia)