CASE STUDY 3 - . Fond Construction of Union Buildings. By National Archives and Records Service of South Africa (Republic of South Africa)

The Union Buildings (Afrikaans: Die Uniegebou) form the official seat of the South African government and also house the offices of the President of South Africa. These buildings, built from light sandstone, were designed by the architect Sir Herbert Baker in the English monumental style and are 285 m long. These buildings are considered by many to be the architect's greatest achievement and a South African architectural masterpiece. A photographer (unknown) was commissioned to document the different stages of the construction of this monumental building. 550 6x8 in black and white glass negatives were produced (1910-1913)


Decisions attending the treatment of this fond, considering its specificities, provide methodological criteria in the following issues:

- When there is a multiple relationship between a negative and some prints.

- When artistic works have its original negative and, in some cases, this negative is part of a report.

- When direct prints are the only photographic object to be preserved and we want to treat them in a different way but allowing its accessing as a grouping.

  • Case Study 3

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