The city archive of Speyer @ WEB 2.0

German Charters of Speyer digitized and added to the Monasterium project


The city of Speyer is one of the most important historical cities in Germany. It´s placed in the federal state of Rheinland-Pfalz in the south-west of Germany near the French border. As a roman foundation, Speyer is one of the oldest cities of Germany and from the year 600 it was the center of the Speyergau. In the middle-age, Speyer was a free city and one of the most important cities of the holy roman empire of the German nation.It´s not surprising, that the archive of Speyer is the oldest local archive in the Pfalz-region.

The archive of Speyer has not only a big historical importance. In 2011 we started an intensive Web 2.0-presentation of our archive. With this kind of exposure we are one of the few archives in Germany, which are concerned with social media. To provide wide interests in the World Wide Web, we use platforms like Slideshare, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook. On the one hand we create a big public relation, on the other hand we give the possibility to follow professional purposes by joining discussions of specific topics via blogs or forums. The traffic is outstanding!

Within the DFG-Project (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft), the so called "Virtuelles Deutsches Urkundennetzwerk", which means "Virtual German document network", all of our documents have been digitized. You can see them on the Monasterium-Homepage.

 Contact: Elisabeth Steiger