Collaboration and Networking: A view from the public, private and associative sectors

Date and Hour: June 10th 2021 / 13:00 - 14:00 CET 

Language: French. Interpretation to other languages will not be provided for this webinar. 

Webinar Summary  

Building allies within our organisations and amongst allied professional bodies is for empowering the position of archives and the profession and for deconstructing stereotypes about archival work. In this session, we are looking at how networking and collaboration can strengthen the work of archivists and archival organisations from different sectoral perspectives to enable participants to see common approaches and sector-specific strategies.



marie laperdrixMarie Laperdrix

Head of Archives and History Group, BNP Paribas  

Marie Laperdrix is an archivist-palaeographer and heritage curator, who began her career at the French National Archives specialising in digital archiving. After more than 6 years working in the department in charge of the archives of France’s Ministry for Finance and Economics, she joined the leading European banking group BNP Paribas, where she currently heads the Archives and History Division.

celine guyon

Céline Guyon

President Association des archivistes français   

Céline Guyon is an archivist and current President of the French Archivists Association (AAF). Through her focus on contemporary archives, she very rapidly developed an interest in digital preservation. Céline is a lecturer and researcher at ENSSIB, the French Graduate College for Information Science and Libraries, where she shares responsibility for the master’s degree course in Digital archives. She is therefore in a position to combine practical work on archives with a more theoretical approach to the profession and its practices in France. Céline is heavily involved in the French Archivists Association, where she began as an elected representative, before joining its Board on which she currently serves as President. Through this involvement, she is able to pursue her efforts to provide a multidisciplinary forum where members can pool their thoughts on the role of archives and the function of archivists in a resolutely digitally-oriented society. 

alice gripponAlice Grippon

Director of Communication and Partnerships, Vitam Programme - Ministry of Culture 

A qualified archivist, Alice Grippon also holds a master’s degree in organisation management from the Sorbonne Business School (IAE) in Paris, with a special focus on management of associations. After nearly 15 years working for the French Archivists Association (AAF), she transferred to the French Ministry for Culture’s VITAM 2019 Programme (Inter-Ministerial digital archiving programme) where she is responsible for communication and partnerships. 


Dr Anthea Seles

Dr Anthea Seles

ICA Secretary General 

Anthea Seles, as Secretary General, is the senior staff member in the Secretariat, responsible for the line management of all ICA’s paid staff. 

She co-ordinates the work of ICA officers and bodies on the organization’s major initiatives and manages its relations with external partners. Tasked with upholding ICA’s constitution, she organizes the meetings of the Executive Board and the General Assembly and plays a major role in the planning of Quadrennial Congresses and Annual Conferences. She acts as Director of ICA Publications, both printed and electronic.