Dato’ Haji Sidek Bin Haji Ismail

Former Director General

National Archives of Malaysia



Graduated in 1974, BA (Hon), University of Malaya and joined National Archives of Malaysia as an archivist in the same year. Obtained Certificate in Archives Management at the East West Centre, Hawaii in 1976, M.A. in Overseas Archives Studies, from the University College, London in 1986. Rewarded the British High Commissioner's Fellowship for research at University if London and Institute of Commonwealth Studies, United Kingdom in 1990. Appointed as Director General  of National Archives of Malaysia in 2007. Served as ICA Senior Vice-President between 2007 and 2008. Became a fellow of ICA since 2008. Currently serving as a member of the International Advisory Council of The National Center for Documentation & Research (NCDR) until 2010. Have vast experience in records management training and education for public and private sector and consulting in oral history projects and programmes.


Why I had a nice experience serving ICA

ICA is the voice of all archival institutions around the world. ICA has always been very close to my heart and my profession as the first regional branch of ICA, the Southeast Asia Regional Branch (SARBICA) was established in 1968 based in Kuala Lumpur. Through ICA, I was able since 1974; create a network and meeting possibilities among colleagues in the archival circle and a strategic meeting opportunity for leaders of the profession. ICA also helps to enhance global networking and sharing of resources and knowledge for the common good, which was evident through my direct involvement in the organisation of ICA Kuala Lumpur 2008. The whole organisation of the congress proved the total commitment of its office bearers towards ICA's mission, objectives and strategic directions. It is been an honour and pleasure to collaborate and work with ICA.


A quotation defining ICA from my point of view

ICA - Serving Shared Memory