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Digital recordkeeping programme resources


Here is a list of resources including ICA products and publications as well as links to standards or tools developed by ICA partners.




ICA-Req  'Principles and functional requirements for records in electronic office environments'


Modules 12 to 19 of the PARBICA   "Recordkeeping for Good Governance Toolkit"


ICA Study n°8: Guide for Managing electronic records from an archival perspective 

ICA Study n°10: Electronic Records, Literature Review 

ICA Study n°13-1: Authenticity of Electronic Records, a report by ICA to UNESCO

ICA Study n°13-2: Authenticity of Electronic Records, a report by ICA to UNESCO

ICA study n° 16: 'Electronic records, A Workbook for Archivists'

Articles, papers and reports

Metadata and the Management of Current Records in Digital Form by  Hans Hofman (former ICA-committee on electronic and other current records-CER)

Aligning national approaches to digital preservation  - A report on the 2011 Educopia international conference by Hans Hofman, Tallinn, May 2011

Ensuring Long-Term Preservation an Adding Value to Scientific and Technical Data - A report on the 2011 PV International Conference by Lourdes Fuentes-Hashimoto, november 2011

ICA-Req as a tool for audit software functional requirements: evaluating data and metadata to ensure long-term preservation by Lourdes Fuentes-Hashimoto (paper delivered at the 2011 PV International Conference, Toulouse, November 2011)

Relationship between the ISO 16175 series of standards and other products of ISO/TC46/SC11 : Archives/Records Management, by Adrian Cunningham, May 2012


Articles available in Spanish only

FIED working groups (Grupos de trabajo del FIED = Foro Iberoamericano de Evaluación documental):

La valoración de los documentos electrónicos. Avances del grupo  de trabajo
La gestión, evaluación y selección del documento electrónico
Retos de la evaluación/valorización de los documentos electrónicos
La transición hacia la Administración electronica: la experiencia del Ayuntamiento de Girona
Los archivos electrónicos y el Proyecto INTERPARES  



ISO Resources

ISO  'Digital preservation- Where to start Guide '  - Available in English and Spanish

ISO TC46/SC11 N800R1 'Where to start advice on creating a metadata schema or application profile' -  Available in English and Spanish

N822 ISO 15489 Management Statement-  Available in English and Spanish

ISO_46_SC11N823_Short statement for management - Available in English and Spanish

White Paper on ISO 30300 relationships- Available in English and Spanish

DLM Forum resources

MoReq2010 'Modular Requirements for Records Systems' Version 1.0 


Members' resources

Queensland Governement Digital Continuity Strategy 

It sets out strategic activities and principles to guide a consistent approach to ensuring the continued accessibility of digital records throughout their lifestyle in the context of ongoing technology obsolescence.