Donate to FIDA

Donors play a vital role in providing resource for the ICA to deliver its vision across the globe. As a Donor you directly contribute the survival of the world's archival heritage. In doing so you enable people around the world to establish their identity, uphold democracy, protect their human rights, undertake all manner of research and experience meaningful education. As an ICA Donor you receive public acknowledgement of your support for developing a democratic and humanitarian world.

A key mechanism for donor involvement is FIDA, the International Archival Development Fund. FIDA seeks to enable the development and use of archive collections as well as developing international relations between interested parties. Thanks to donors' financial contributions, FIDA has been able to support a range of new initiatives, particularly training programmes in less developed countries.

Donation is a simple and effective way to get involved in the ICA and make a difference.  Download the FIDA Donation form attached below and contribute to the development of the archives in the world!