Donors to the international archival development fund (FIDA)

The FIDA Trustees would like to thank all those who have donated to the Fund.
These contributions not only help the trustees to fulfil their mission, but also demonstrate solidarity within the archive profession towards assisting archives in developing countries.


Donations made at the same time as payment of the annual dues:


  • Category A members (national institutions): 2
  • Category B members (professional associations): 2
  • Category C members (regional or specialist institutions): 9
  • Category D members (individual members): 19

In addition, donations have been received from individuals, institutions and organisations:

  • Family Search 
  • Service des Archives municipales, Brazzaville
  • Abdelkrim Badjadja 
  • Gustavo Castaner 
  • Christoph Graf
  • Christopher Kitching
  • Gary Peterson
  • Trudy Huskamp Peterson
  • John McDonald
  • Sarah Tyacke
  • Joan van Albada
  • Ian Wilson

Two further contributors wish to remain anonymous.

Click here for information on the projects that these donations have helped to fund.
If you would like to join those who have already contributed to FIDA, please click here.