Elections 2014: Call for candidates - Deadline: 31 March 2014 - CLOSED

1. All members who are based in institutions in Categories A and C, or associations in Category B, are entitled to put themselves forward for the elected posts of President, Vice-President Finance and Vice-President Programme.  They are also entitled to nominate other eligible members for these posts.

Here is a link to the role descriptions of these posts

2. If you decide that you would like to stand for one of these posts, please indicate this in writing to the ICA Secretariat preferably by e-mail (elections2014@ica.org) or if not by letter or fax. Please state clearly the office in which you are interested, and the institution or association in which you are based.

3. You should also provide two supporting documents to accompany your letter declaring your candidacy and eligibility for office. Firstly, you should prepare a short CV (Curriculum Vitae) (2 pages A4), which describes your career to date. Secondly, you should write a short Statement of Policy, outlining what you intend to do if you are elected (maximum 500 words). Both of these documents should be provided at least in English or French.

4. Finally, you should arrange for three other voting members to support your candidacy and to notify the secretariat accordingly preferably by e-mail (elections2014@ica.org) or if not by letter or fax.

5. Declarations of candidacy, and of support for nominations, must reach the ICA Secretariat by Monday 31 March midnight Paris time.


6. In the event of a contested election, the following timetable as accepted by the 2013 General Assembly will be followed (see below).

Please check also the ICA Constitution and the Internal Regulation on Elections below.


David A Leitch, Secretary General