EURBICA Lectures Series: The European Digital Treasures Project – Register now!

Have you registered for the first talk in the EURBICA Lecture Series, taking place next Tuesday 30 May? Dr. Karl Heinz, co-founder and general manager of ICARUS (International Centre for Archival Research), will be talking to us about the European Digital Treasures Project. 

What is the European Digital Treasures Project? 

The main goal of the European Digital Treasures (EDT) project, funded by the European Commission, was to increase the visibility of archives to a wider public and to reposition archives in the social and economic fabric of Europe. Within the framework of the project, these goals have been achieved through a very large number of activities as far as it was within the possibilities of the participating institutions. 

What will the talk be about? 

The aim of the presentation by Dr. Heinz is to present the most important activities through selected concrete examples and to convey the experience that coordinated efforts of very different institutions from all parts of Europe can bring amazing results to light. 

The EURBICA Lecture Series 

At the successful general meeting held during the Rome conference last year, the members of the European Regional Branch of the ICA (EURBICA) decided to hold a number of public lectures aimed at further dissemination of European projects and initiatives. This is the first lecture in that series. 

Join us on Tuesday, 30 May for this free, online event!