Executive Board Mexico City

In its meeting in the Archivo National de la Nation the Executive Board endorsed Dr. Anthea Seles as the next Secretary General of the ICA. In her speech (hereunder) Dr. Seles spoke enthusiastically on the value of the archives and archivists to society, as well as shared her ambitious visions for the future activities of the ICA with the Board.

The Executive Board discussed at length the natural disaster that hit the Caribbean area this year. The ICA President David Fricker thanked CARBICA for taking the lead in disaster management before and after the devastating events. CARBICA pointed out the need to have special training for archivists to help their work in disaster areas. It also aims to acquire a mobile conservation lab and a freezer.

On his final report to the EB, the Secretary General David Leitch wished the ICA well, thanked the excellent ICA Secretariat team and went a wee bit down memory lane by reflecting on his years in the organisation, which had been filled with both challenges and positive progress. Mr. Leitch shall stay with the ICA Secretariat working with strategic projects until 2019.

Marketing and Communications Manager Christine Trembleau spoke about the 2017 International Archives Day and outlined plans for the 2018 event.