FAN Virtual Conversations - Thursday 7 April 2022

Time: 8:30 BST
Session title: Resilient Records and Archives Management
Duration: approx. 90 mins

Chair: Lucy Fletcher, Director for Public Records Access and Government Services, the UK National Archives

Panellists: Masakazu Nakada, Senior Vice President, National Archives of Japan; Paweł Pietrzyk, General Director, Polish State Archives

Japan National Archives:

As a way of empowering professionals who take responsibilities in management of historical public records and archives, National Archives of Japan (NAJ) has established a certification program for archivists since 2020. The aims of this program are: to establish a profession for supporting proper management of public records and archives which are intellectual resources to be shared by the people, and for assuring preservation and use of them; as well as to secure the reliability and expertise of that profession.

Poland National Archives:

In connection with the development of information technology and applicable Polish law enabling the collection and creation of electronic documentation in public entities, archival materials in electronic form began to appear in the public space, subject to submission to state archives. Polish archives create an ICT system enabling the transfer of such archival materials to state archives, and then securing them, long-term storage and making them available to interested persons.


Time: 12:30 BST
Session title: A collaborative approach for the renewal of a national archival system. The French example
Duration: approx. 120 mins

Chair: Thomas Van de Walle, Directeur adjoint du numérique et de la conservation, Archives nationales (France)

Panellists: Emmanuel Laborde, Directeur du Programme Vitam; Alice Grippon, Directrice de la communication et des partenariats, Programme Vitam; Edouard Vasseur, Professeur, École nationale des chartes; Marion Ville, Chef de projet fonctionnel, Ministère de l'Europe et des Affaires étrangères; Erwann Ramondec, Chef du pôle archivage et pérennisation des données numériques, Ministère de l'Europe et des Affaires étrangères; Nicolas Bel, Chef du projet Archipel, Ministère des Armées

In recent years, France has changed its approach to public digital archive management. All the different protagonists (archives, digitization departments, etc.) have been involved in this development and together have come up with a proposal for a copyright-free, reusable, electronic archiving software development model, which has since been installed in the departments of the French National Archives and widely extended to private partners and local archives. The result is a whole new vision and new processes based on new technologies and new working methods conducive to improvement in both the management and the curation of public digital archives. The time has now come to move this development on to a higher plane!


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