FAN Virtual Conversations - Wednesday 6 April 2022

Time: 12:00 BST
Session title: New technologies to solve old problems
Duration: approx. 90 mins

Chair: Esther Olembe, Director, Cameroon National Archives

Panellists: Yaso Arumugam, Acting Director General, National Archives of Australia; Ole Magnus Andersen, Deputy Director, Danish National Archives; Sylvain Bélanger, Senior Director General and CIO, Library and Archives Canada

Australian National Archives:

Applying AI for the Automated Appraisal - the Australian Experience. This paper will present the outcomes of a $2 million research initiative led by the National Archives of Australia into the potential for AI technologies to automate the Archival Appraisal of complex government data holdings.

Danish National Archives:

Large Scale Digitization by Crowdsourcing. Large Scale Digitization by crowdsourcing is a rapidly expanding activity within The Danish National Archives. In 2019 more than 2.5 million pages were digitized by volunteers and published on Archives Online ( This paper argues that the quality of volunteer digitization is on par with professional digitization, and that the empowerment of volunteers, and the evolution of a community with a shared purpose, has a positive impact on their quality of life.

Libraries and Archives Canada (LAC):

Digital transformation in a national archives - a practical application. The digital transformation journey takes many routes, but ensuring a clear approach across the archives will ensure that digital transformation work is relevant to decision makers and the clients over time. Digital transformation cannot survive without proper change management practices, and a user-centered design mindset. LAC will share its experiences on those fronts, to help others in their application of the transformation mindset.


Time: 16:00 BST
Session title: Federating the resources for enhanced access
Duration: approx. 90 mins

Chair: Leslie Weir, Librarian and Archivist of Canada

Panellists: Charles Farrugia, Director, National Archives Malta, President EURBICA; Arjan Agema, Head of Digitisation, National Archives of Netherlands; Dr Karl Heinz, MAS, ICARUS (International Centre for Archival Research); Vlatka Lemic, Head of Archival Office, University of Zagreb; Zsuzsanna Mikó, Deputy Director-General National Archives of Hungary

The presentations include:

  • European Digital Treasures – Charles Farrugia
  • Archives Portal Europe – Arjan Agema
  • ICARUS platforms (Monasterium, Matricula, Topotheque) – Dr Karl Heinz


Tuesday 5 April | Thursday 7 April