Fellows of ICA

ICA would not exist without the devotion of its members!

As per Article 4 and 8 of the current ICA Constitution (item  and, the General Assembly will appoint the ICA Fellows who have given distinguished service to ICA or to the cause of archives at the international level.


Criteria for nomination

Outstanding Contributions to ICA 

1. service for at a minimum of 4 years on ICA governance bodies, ICA Branches, Sections, Committees, Working Groups, the Programme Commission or FIDA,  

2. authoring or contributing to ICA Publications or Standards,   

3. participation in sessions of the CITRA, ICA Conferences, ICA Congresses or other ICA educational opportunities as session chairs, presenters or organisers, or  

4. advocating for ICA at a high level with International Governmental Organisations

Outstanding contributions to the archival or information management profession or professional education and training with special emphasis on international involvement    

5. authoring or contributing to professional archival and information management publications, 

6. participation in archival information management educational and training opportunities as session chairs, presenters, or organisers, or 

7. service in governance bodies of national or international archival, information management, library or museum associations or institutions or related educational institutions.

More information about the ICA Fellows can be found on the 2021 Internal Regulations


Nominated ICA Fellows

ICA and through it the whole archival community wants to record through this award its gratitude to these persons who greatly contributed to its work and development.