FIDA 2010: Call for applications from archives and archivists (closed)

The Trustees of the ICA Fund for the International Development of Archives (FIDA) invites members, branches and others to submit proposals for ICA support for archival projects.

In particular in the first few years, FIDA wishes to help to build capacity in countries, where archive and records provision is weak, and, through career development, mentoring and other methods enable archives and their archivists to acquire professional and management competencies needed to occupy leadership positions in their regions and countries.

Applications involving several partners/stakeholders are welcome. 

The maximum amount available for each project is up to 10,000 Euros. In any one year the Trustees will expect to give awards which, together, amount to no more than 25,000 Euros.

We encourage applications which contribute to archival development which, for the purposes of these awards, means in practical terms, that any applicant organization or individual must consider where they are now professionally and organizationally and what they need to do to develop. To aid this process the Trustees will expect applicants to have referred to and, where appropriate, to have assessed themselves using the PARBICA self-assessment checklist as a guide and to explain in their application what they want to develop and how they intend to do it. Other archives will need to do their own self-assessment similarly. The ICA secretariat will be able to advise on likely partners and specialists, if these are required, and on any other matter relating to the Awards.   


Proposals should be submitted to the ICA Secretariat by 31 July 2010 at the very latest. Earlier receipt of the full proposals would be helpful. 

FIDA application forms attached below.

The Trustees will announce their decisions by 30 September 2010.


The FIDA awards are specifically for the development of archives and archivists (not just national ones) in developing countries where there is a clear need and a good proposal for helping archival development there. PCOM is about developing products, methods and services which can be used or adapted for use in a wide range of regions and cultures. The two are distinct but complementary. Further information about PCOM project awards is available on the PCOM page.      

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