Have your say, Participate in the Membership survey on training needs!

At the ICA’s Programme commission in Arusha in May 2017, PCOM members approved a new training policy for ICA and agreed to set up a dedicated training programme. Whilst there is a clear need for training among ICA members, these needs are currently met on an ad hoc basis. ICA currently has very little data to allow for an analysis of training needs to support an appropriate, focused approach to training. This survey aims to gather reliable data on learners’ profiles, needs, expectations, and on their ability to finance their own training. The data will inform the nature of and priorities for ICA’s training programme over the coming three years.

This survey is aimed at ICA members and those individuals and institutions interested in participating in training opportunities that ICA might offer in the near future. There are two versions of the survey, one for institutions and one for individuals: please select the one most appropriate for you. Institutions should appoint a member of staff to make the official response. Those making an official response for their institution may also respond as an individual and employees of institutions are also welcome to respond independently.

We are extremely grateful to you for taking the time to respond to this important survey. Please note that it will take you around 20 minutes to complete the survey as a representative of your institution and 15 minutes as an individual.

Deadline extended to 30th September 2017.