Honoring a Deceased Colleague with a Memorial Donation

It is possible to support the work of FIDA by making donations in remembrance of a deceased colleague. Making a memorial donation to FIDA is a wonderful way to honor a colleague’s memory. In this way you can do something tangible to keep her or his memory alive and carry forward their ideals. We will display these gestures in a list on this page. Unfortunately, it is not possible under French law, which governs the ICA’s finances, to leave money to FIDA in your will. Instead, we encourage you to ask one of your successors or executors to make a memorial donation as described above.


Memorial Register

Mike Kikuchi memorial donation

Mr. Mitsuoko (Mike) Kikuchi passed away on October 7, 2017. His family made a memorial donation of 1 000 € to FIDA “to be used to provide assistance to archival professionals striving for better archival service". Mike Kikuchi was trustee of FIDA 2009-2012, President of the National Archives of Japan 2001-2009, and Vice-President of ICA 2005-2008 for the annual CITRA (International Round Table on Archives). In 2008 he was made ICA Fellow.