Host City Selection

How to apply ?

More information on hosting the Annual Conference and the International Congress

The ICA Annual Conference and the International Congress are organised jointly by the host institution (or partnership, usually including the National Archives) and ICA. Potential hosts must meet ICA’s criteria in order that the Annual Conference and the International Congress reflect ICA’s mission and values, most importantly the principle that the host country facilitates free access by ICA members, participants and speakers. The financial model involves a large component of self-financing – in other words the cost of hiring the venue will need to be covered by the registration fee. The professional programme, which aims at international excellence, is the responsibility of ICA’s Programme Commission, although the host is represented to ensure that the content meets national and regional needs and interests.

 There is comprehensive documentation providing information on the process as well as guidance and practical support. It includes:

ICA Conference Manual
ICA Annual Conference: notes for candidates bidding to be host