How to Conduct Outreach Activities with a Limited Budget


Advocacy Expert Group (AEG)

Date Added:

21 July 2021

What you will find in this resource: 

The International Council on Archives’ (ICA) Advocacy Expert Group (AEG) has published its workshop presentation from the 2019 ICA Conference held in Adelaide. The workshop, titled ‘How to conduct outreach activities with a limited budget’ was reviewed and updated in 2021. 

The workshop examines the development of an Advocacy Plan with outreach activities which an archival institution could implement with a limited budget to develop awareness. It covers planning, reaching out, and using communication tools, as well as practical ways to get media attention and advocate. The workshop looks at setting goals and objectives for your advocacy plan, determining your target markets, developing your message, provides examples of outreach activities, and outlines an effective use of social media. The second part of the workshop looks at how to get media attention, including how to write a press release and how to make an elevator pitch. 

The workshop was conducted by Dr. Claude Roberto (PhD, International Council on Archives, Advocacy Expert Group Chair) with assistance from Jenny Scott (Archivist, State Library of South Australia, Adelaide) and Odile Welfelé (International Relations, Archives de France, Ministry of Culture).


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