How to plan a successful International Week step by step

We are fully aware of the unprecedented earthquake caused by the COVID-19 global crisis for your structures, all of whose activities are currently being impacted. Take advantage of this Week to show that Archives are indispensable for preserving the memory of the world and Empowering Knowledge Societies!

1. Join #AnArchiveIs

What is an Archive? To celebrate International Archives Day on Tuesday 9th June, the archival community is called upon to complement the hashtag #AnArchiveIs with its opinion. Based on the opinions expressed by the community on social networks, the best contributions (text and photos) will be chosen to design promotional banners that will support the 2021 campaign. So, up to you, #AnArchiveIs….

Would you like more information on the ICA's first international social media campaign? 



2. Organize a virtual event #IAW2020

Take advantage of this global event, the International Archives Week, to raise awareness of the role of archives and share your experience and the importance of your work within your institution, department or company. Show that archivists and records managers are indispensable to the preservation of the world's memory and that they work every day to Empower Knowledge Societies.

Your expertise is useful to all and in the light of Covid-19, ICA offers you the opportunity to continue to advance on committed projects by giving them a sometimes new and virtual form.

The International Archives Week #IAW2020 will run from June 8-14 with a theme per day:

Monday 8th June Opening Statement with Ina

Tuesday 9th June Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and #AnArchiveIs 

Wednesday 10th June Digital Preservation (co-hosted with Digital Preservation Coalition

Thursday 11th June Evidence and Truth

Friday 12th June Climate Change and Heritage (co-hosted with ICOMOS and IFLA

Saturday 13th June Open Standards and Open Tools (co-hosted by the Associació d'Arxivers-Gestors de Documents de Catalunya)

Sunday 14th June The Future of the profession (co-hosted by ICA New Professionals


Prepare your project for the International Archives Week 2020:

1. Starting from today, save the date from Monday 8 to Sunday 14 June 2020…

2. Get inspired by what your colleagues around the world have organized the previous years and planned on the Interactive Map 2019 !

3. Under the theme “Empowering Knowledge Societies”, choose right now your project to participate in the event: an virtual exhibition, discussion, online presentation or debate, webinar, radio show, online contest, etc. Many tools can help you.

4. In order to facilitate your events, ICA makes available on its website cutomizable communication templates (posters, bookmarks, etc.) and an instructions guide to customize them via an online application: Canva

5. Publish your event from May using OpenAgenda. Fill in the event (s) you organize in the agenda with your programme and with your customized posters and documents in order to highlight it.
Please note: You are responsible for the content that you publish in the agenda. In particular, you must ensure that you have released the rights to the images because they may be reused by third parties.

6. Involve and invite your audience, users, researchers, decision makers and the press to participate in your events by using the URL of your event recorded on the IAW2020 Digital Map ("Share this view").

The International Archives Week #IAW2020 is a week to underscore the importance of records and archives institution and the profession!

7. Follow the event on Social Media #IAW2020

3. Write an article on the ICA blog

Write an article about your job and share your vision of your work and your role in “Empowering Knowledge Societies”. The 21st Century is bringing new challenges. Artificial Intelligence, Digital Preservation and Emerging Technologies, Sustainable Knowledge, Trust and Evidence, how are you ambitioning to respond to those issues? Let’s challenge what people think we do! Help us tell the world what archives in the Knowledge Societies are about! We have dedicated a day for each challenge, so you can choose your involvement :

Share with us your vision of archives and your profession, and send us right now your text to be published on the ICA blog. If you look forward to more details about the topics


4. Register your institution on the digital map "Archives are accessible"

The vital role of archives and records services cannot be underestimated in these challenging times. Without archives, archivists and records managers, businesses, civil society, government and other international organisations could not operate. How do you make a decision, provide health care services or keep economies moving without accurate information and data? Archive and documentation services continue to function to facilitate the work of business and the state and thus Empower Knowledge Societies.

Now is the time to tell everyone what our community has to offer! Explain why documents and archives are so important and put your institution on the digital map.