IAD 2018: Message from David Fricker


This year we are highlighting the theme of our annual conference – “Archives: Governance, Memory and Heritage”. This is a powerful theme drawing a link between the preservation of records both as an underpinning of strong and trustworthy public administration, but also as documentary heritage, empowering everyone to draw upon the past to create a better future. Don’t let this day pass without adding your own contribution! Organise a symposium, an open day, a special display or a blog. Be creative, be resourceful and be proud!

To make sure our collective efforts achieve a maximum international impact, download and personalize the Communication Kit prepared for you by our talented Secretariat.

Also be sure to register your event on the International Map and raise their visibility

Also be sure to promote the the ICA Virtual Exhibition, available on the 9th June, to celebrate its 70th Anniversary following this link


International Archives Day is our moment to shine. Let's make it a success!