#IAW2022 Webinars

This year, the programme of webinars is built with 5 main sessions that will cover different topics of discussion. On the first day of the week, the ICA will kick off International Archives Week with a special webinar about Records, Archives, and Emerging Technologies. This event will be a virtual conversation with our members about what emerging technologies will mean for our field.  

On the second day, the Active New Professionals 2022 will host a virtual talk titled New Professionals: Who we are, what we do and how you can support us, in which they will introduce their project ahead of the conference in Rome.  

For the third day we have scheduled two virtual Q&As sessions about the New Professionals Programme (NPP) in English and French. For those who are interested in applying to this programme, you will have the opportunity to share a moment with former New Professionals, the NPP leadership, and members of the ICA staff to talk about the origins of this programme, the current call for applications, and the contribution of this programme to the future of the profession. 

On the 9th, which is International Archives Day, the ICA new Secretariat team will offer a virtual “open house” to present the current professional programmes, the ICA membership benefits and our upcoming publications. This session will close with a survey to ask our members and extended community about their expectations for the ICA 75th Anniversary next year.  

#IAW2022 is the moment when professionals in the archival and records management community unite their voice to show why it is essential to support archives and the profession. This year, #ArchivesAreYou is presenting how professionals could be affected by the records, the silences in the archives, and the contradictions and confluences when we talk about archives and memory. We want to hear from you so we hope that you can also be part of this conversation.