#IAW2023 Webinars

This year, the programme of webinars consists of 5 main sessions that will cover different topics of discussion. On the first day of the week, the ICA will kick off International Archives Week with a special webinar about the impact of social changes on archival work. This event will be a virtual conversation with the ICA Elected Officers about how archival institutions, like many other cultural organizations, are changing the way they do their work. 

On the second day, the Section on Human Rights and Archives will host a virtual panel, in which four invitees, including the ICA President, will discuss how the connection between Human Rights and Archives has evolved in the last 20 years since the creation of this professional section of the ICA. 

On the third day, the ICA professional sections will be hosting a showcase session for all their African colleagues to present to them how they can engage in these ICA groups. The day will end with the Association of Latin American Archivists (ALA) who will host a webinar to celebrate its 50th Anniversary working with the professional community in the region. 

Finally, on the fourth day, the Active New Professionals 2023 will host a virtual talk where they will introduce their project to the new professionals and early career professionals ahead of the Congress in Abu Dhabi.   

These sessions are free and open to all, so be sure to register!